Monday, June 23, 2008

Mini IQ Matches Smart Book

Here is another interesting game that I bought from Popular book store called 'Mini IQ matches smart book'. There are 6 smark books which are: Number, Animal & Plant, Alphabet, Weather & Time, Shape & Colour and Daily Life.

Game Instructions:

Open the 'Smart Book' and the Flip-Grid. Take out the cartoon icon pieces and put the empty grid on the top of the 'Smart Book', make sure the lines in the book correspond with the squares on the grid. Place the cartoon icon pieces on the left hand side of the grid in sequence.
Folloe the hint on the upper left corner to play the game. For example, look at the game: Take the "Cap" icon piece from the left hand side of the grid. You will see an 'octopus' beneath. Look at the 6 pictures on the right and find the matching picture and place the 'Cap' icon piece in the empty square. Do the same with the other cartoon icon pieces.

Close the Flip-Grid and turn it over. Check whether the colour combination on your Flip-Gridis the same as the answer key in the upper right corner in the 'Smart Book'. If yes, your answers are correct and you may move on to the next game. If no, try to play the game again and correct your mistakes.

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