Monday, October 6, 2008

Pokemon trap

I have bought this Pokemon WAPS premium start kit last 2 weeks. Di di and ko ko are enjoying playing but since this starter kit has only 6 waps hence there is limited ways of playing.

Yesterday I went to buy some extra waps which they sold separately with 3 waps per pack cost RM3.90. Total there are 160 waps to collect, each wap has different pokemon character printed on it. I didn't plan to make the collection but just to get some more waps so that they can have more fun playing it. Who knows, before I checkout, I found another set of pokemon advanced waps which I thought it is similar as starter kit and consists more waps since it is advanced version so I put back the pokemon waps packs and get this one instead which cost RM29.90.

After reached home, ko ko so happy waited for me to open the package. After I opened the package, both of us shouted:' Huh !!!! what is this ?? how come like that wan ? why nothing inside ? where is the wap ???!!' later ko ko said: ' got 3 !!!!' Alamak....I have bought the wrong one !! this is actually the wap collection case/box !!! with 160 'EMPTY' slots !!! sigh......but ko ko didn't feel dissapointed he said 'yeah, I can keep my waps inside !! Mummy, can you buy more to fill up all the empty slot ???!!!!' Oh my god !!! I have falled into this Pokemon trap and I'm going to backrupt soon...... :(

Pokemon premium starter kit:->

Pokemon advanced:->

Pokemon waps collection box:->

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瑞玲の点点滴滴 said...

I also bought a waps collection box. The sales person told me that waps can get from any popular book shop. Unfortunately, it is no longer sell in popular IOI mall :(