Tuesday, December 30, 2008


My poor little baby has been admitted to the hospital last Friday for 4 days 3 nights and that is also mean I have to cancel my Pulau Ketam trip. He has been fever for 6 days. On the third day I brought him to the child specialist clinic in Klang and need to start antibiotic courses for 7 days. However his fever seem didn't improved after 5 days on antibiotic hence I plan to bring him to see my paed in SMC but unfortunately he is on leave so I brought him back to the child specialist clinic again. This time dr advised me to go to the hospital for further investigation and wrote a referal letter hence I immediately packed and rushed to the hospital. As expected, baby need to be admitted and on antibiotic drips. The blood test result shown he has moderate bacteria infection and the x-ray shown he has thick phlegm in his lung and being diagnosed as Bronchitis. He need to on antibiotics drips once a day and nebulizer 3 times a day. The nebulizing process was tough because baby cried badly and struggled, really feel sad seeing him suffer like this :(

This little baby was scared to the stranger hence everytime when the nurses or doctor came he will stick to me or use his cuddle blanket to cover his face or closed his eyes when doctor examined him. Everyone feel very funny with his acting and doctor even gave him a nickname called 'Mr. Shy'...hahhaha.....but after 2 days in the hospital he started walked around but yet when see nurses he will hide himself behind the door or wall or stick his face on the wall...everybody like to make fun with him.....kekekek....the only place that can keep him occupied a while was the hospital playroom and his favourite VCDs that I played in my notebook.

On the third day when doctor came to examine him I told doctor I wish to go home as soon as possible because it was very bored staying in the hospital and I have another 2 kids at home but doctor asked me to be patience for another night if baby not having fever then I may go back on the forth day. Next day after doctor examined baby and said he seem recovered well but he has another antibiotic drip to go but I keep begging doctor to let us go home and I don't mind to come back to finish the drip so finally doctor allowed us to discharge with baby's drip bandage on and will only remove it after last finally we has reached our home sweet home yesterday.....and that's also the end of our hospitalisation adventures...kekkekeke....

After this incident I have learned another lesson on childcare. If your child didn't cough much but yet have continuos fever it doesn't mean there is no problem related to it because it is due to the phlegm was too thick to iritate the coughing reflexion and it will slowly accumulated in the lung. Hence whenever your child has fever for more than 3 days you should bring them to see doctor and get the lung examined even he/she has minor cough. Normally after a child take the coughing medicine he/she may start cough badly but according to the doctor it is ok because the coughing reflexion is helping him/her bring out the phlegm. For the elder kid you should get them to spit out the phlegm whereas for younger baby the cough medicine will dilute the phlegm and get them swollow and come out as stool.

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Wan Soon said...

Poor little boy and poor mummy have to stay in hospital together. Get well soon.