Monday, August 25, 2008

Cameron Highland here we come !!

Last Sunday, we have organised a 2 days 1 night family trip to Cameron Highland. Unfortunately little baby didn't go together, poor little baby but mummy promised will bring you there when you grow bigger ya..... :p

Overall the trip was great with both of the kids having lots of funs. But why choose Cameron Highland and not other place ? Actually there was a romantic story behind...hehhehe.....You know what ? daddy and mummy was falling in love in this place on 26/08/1994 !!!!! Daddy has gave mummy his first bundle of red roses there !! Since then daddy and mummy will go to this place for holiday on our falling in love anniversary almost every year until we have kids then only stop for a while ....this year is our 14th falling in love anniversary and it is special because this time we cerebrated with our two lovely kids !!! Ko ko even help daddy to choose a bundle of flowers for mummy !! How sweet they are !!! :D ...

Happy 14th Falling In Love Anniversary, My Dear Hubby !!!

Strawberry ball for little baby (Ko ko keep reminding mummy don't forget to buy for baby)

Ko ko's cactus and he named it as 大刺刺 and 小刺刺 (big thorn and small thorn)

Butterfly Farm

Cactus Valley

Tea Bushes

Yeah ! we managed to climb to the top of the hill (BOH tea plantations) !

Let's pose together with Mr. BOH....

Lovely roses from my dearrest hubby ...thank you my dear.....

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