Saturday, August 16, 2008

Spider-man & Friends (Secret Mission)

I have bought another Smatridge game for my VSmile learning system. I bought it for ko ko because the existing Honey Hunting game is too easy for him hence he feel bored and no challenging ...heheheh...

In this game it teaches:
  • Spelling
  • Categorization
  • Vocabulary
  • Number Order
  • Classification
  • Shapes
  • Spatial Senses
  • Singing

Number Sequence: Get the spiderman and friends across the river by following the numbered logs.

Animal Names: Help to find the missing letters to the animal signposts.

Responsibility: Collect all the litter and help to keep the town clean.

Object Identification: Put the different types of falling objects into the correct recycle bin.

Problem Solving: Get through the machines and help fix the gears in the museum.

Shape Matching: Match the gears with the robots in order to make them work.

Counting: Help the heroes go grocery shopping for the school's big party.

Money Concepts: Pay for your groceries with the correct amount of money. (This is the main reason I choose this game because this can teach ko ko to pay the correct amount and get the correct change for the things he buy from school cantin when he go primary school next year)

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